capo-di-occhi-cento said: "I didn’t do it."

"To say that means you know perhaps, why

theborgiageneral started following you


Well, look what the dog dragged in.

"I seem my invitation still has your attention, Assassin."

"What in the name of Rome is going on?"

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Cesare chuckled enjoying the easy right for the minutes that passed. Noticing when Romulus shifted, his mount ready to run. “Leonardo.” He called a moment to pull the artist from his thoughts.

"You wanted to run?" He asked before curling his fingers a bit more and letting Romulus take off at full speed. Leaning in close to his mount. Letting his trusted steed take him further way from the troubles of Rome.

Oh, yes.

Leonardo spurred the horse into a gallop and they took off after Cesare, his horse snorting and the fields blurring into a sea of green. 


He let out a whoop of joy. Oh, this was amazing! The first time he’d felt so…so liberated in a long, long time. 

He glanced back at Leonardo, glad to see the man enjoying himself. Good. He may have to bring him out here to do this more often.


Leonardo grinned and shrugged, inching closer to rest against him. He looked up at the ceiling with thought, humming and tapping his chin.

"I would say both," Leonardo nodded ‘sagely’. "Since they are both wonderful ideas. What do you think?" His gaze shifted from the ceiling to Cesare, his chin only tipping to the side to look at him.

Cesare could only chuckle. “Both it is.” One eyebrow arched high above slate blue eyes. This man was a wealth of entertainment.

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Bows in your presence. "My lord." ooc/ Hii there :D






"Micheletto. Always good to have you near, amico. What news do you bring?"

"A simple one. The number of assassins are growing though there are no signs of attacks, assaults or any of such. Not even an attempt."


"Good, then for now they have turned their attention towards the city. A far better place for them. I will not have them know of my plans." He answered taking a sip of wine.

"The fact that they are here is proof enough that my invitation was well received."

Micheletto gave a nod. “As expected from you, my Lord.” He stood tall, waiting for Cesare for any further orders. “What would you have me do?”

"You know my methods, Micheletto. Curb their attention without notice. The French need to be routed one way or the other, and I am certain there are a few… interests that the Assassins are sure to take."

"Lead them to the prize and we will see this fool Auditore do the work for us."